Elected Board Members

Board members may be contacted via the AR-CEC email account: ArkansasCEC@gmail.com

President & Co-Conference Liaison
Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams officer image

Vice President

Dee Dee Cain

Dee Dee Cain officer image


Ruth Eyres

Ruth Eyres officer image

Past President

Kimberley Davis

Kimberley Davis officer image
Ashley Collins
Ashley Collins officer image
Leann Hammett
Image of Leann Hammett
Elected Representative to the
Representative Assembly

Elizabeth Churchman

Elizabeth Churchman Office Photo

Scholarship Chair

Lisa Washington
Lisa Washington officer image
Awards Chair
Suzie Baker
Suzie Baker officer image

Appointed Board Members

AR-SCEC Faculty Advisor
Lisa Bryant
Lisa Bryant officer image
Membership Chair

Melanie Crider

Melanie Crider officer image
C.A.N. Representative
Peggy Schaefer-Whitby
Peggy Schaefer-Whitby officer image
Kathleen Atkins
Kathleen Atkins officer image
Communications Chair & Co-Conference Liaison
Leslie Rush
Leslie Rush officer image

Appointed Representative
to the Representative Assembly

Brigid Bright
                      Bright photo
CEC Ambassador
Rosetta Sparks
Picture of Rosetta Sparks
Website Admin
Adam Burnstone
Adam Burnstone officer image


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Executive Board Meetings

Tentative meetings for the 2015-2016 year: 

  • June 13, 2016
    • Embassy Suites
    • Little Rock, AR